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(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

...I don't know how to be active in here...somehow I just lost my way..I kinda feel hopeless right now though I keep thinking positive things---

--I'll go on hiatus--semi hiatus maybe...I'm sorry for all my commissioner--hnghhh I will try to get all my soul and mood back to draw again...uhuuu...I'm really really sorry.....

::Commission:: ChiakiAutumn by ZatytheAwesome
icon by: ZatytheAwesome




Chiaki | Afie
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Fill my heart [anim.] by socksyyMonChiFill my heart [anim.] by socksyy
my dear husbando and I
MonChi icon by my husbando :LemonCaramel


"thousand of cheers that will not last long in the eyes of people but will last forever in everyone hearts~ Every season will eventually come by, and the old pain memory will always be replaced by a new happy memory----''

*will edit more---UNDER CONSTRUCTION--- :iconlazepoolplz:


::Aphrodite Prince:: by ChiakiAutumn
::Aphrodite Prince::
redrawing my oc Veryd~<3
wanna try new style and colour~:iconpapmingplz:

Veryd (c) mine
::Todokawa High Apps :Kougami Nouya:: by ChiakiAutumn
::Todokawa High Apps :Kougami Nouya::
for :icontodokawa-high:

hope I can make it...ahaha~ welp sorry chro for late uploading this~:iconpapmingplz:

Name: Kougami Nouya  

Age: 16 Years Old

D.O.B: 1st June

Height: 167 cm

Gender: Male

Dorms/Home: Home

Club: Drama Club

Personality:  Nouya is a cheerful and outgoing person. He can be talkative and attached to someone close to him esp to his parents and his sister Chizuru.He loves to sing and acting and sometime annoys people around him.  

Bio:  Nouya used to live in different places before his family settled down in Kanagawa near Todokawa High. He used to be crybaby and attached with her sister most of the time.

Nouya & Chizuru are quite different in personalities. Chizuru prefers quiet environment and tea ceremonies as she loves to follow their father teaching ikebana classes while Nouya is really outgoing and loves being in the centre of attention as their mother brings him to her musical theatre performances.

When Nouya enter middle school, his sister start to avoid him after they often bicker with each other. Thing get worse when Chizuru decided to stay at dorm.They rarely met with other since that and Nouya somehow feel so lonely and insisted to enter same high school with Chizuru later.

Nouya feel so happy to know finally he can enter same school with his sister. But he try so hard not to make his sister annoyed with him even though sometimes he failed to do that. Nonetheless he still loves his sister like he used to. He decided to enter Drama Club as soon as he saw the club looking for members


+ Music / movies / live stage

+ anything sweet

+ Chizuru homemade bento

+ cute animal (dogs and cats esp)

+ crowds

+ teddy bear


- quiet and lonely place

- being alone in the house

- ghost /ghost-related stories

- spice food

- veggies

- milk

Relationship: Kougami Chizuru (big sister)

Some extra:

* Nouya doesn't have talent in sport--but he always want to try playing football or basketball.

* He rarely eat outside food other than his mother's cooking or Chizuru, but he really happy if anyone offer him food to eat nonetheless

* easily get blush when someone praise him

*his room filled with teddy bear

Kougami Nouya (c) me
Kougami Chizuru (c) ChroVee
::Monchi Anniversary :: by ChiakiAutumn
::Monchi Anniversary ::
Happy Anniversary husbu~~:iconlemoncaramel: ///3///
love you always n forever~:iconjapanposeplz:~ehee look I got taller this year~//hit

Monchi (c) :iconlemoncaramel::iconchiakiautumn:
welp...dA change again---idek what I should do here---_((

x'mas wishlist+wishlist and others

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:57 AM
huee~~3 people tagged me so I'm gonna put it all in one journal post here~:iconminghideplz:--anyways this for tagging


1st --tagged by :iconys-ladydrac21: and :iconalvi-chi: 

my x'mas wishlist + drawing wishlist~:iconheplz:--I got so many actually but I'll put some of them here~~tho I dun celebrate x'mas...:iconmingplz:


+ of course I wanna see my ocs babies to br drawn by other artists~~ahaha~:iconpapmingplz: I wanna se my oc with different style~~ehehe~~

welp so many ocs I have but---yeah--lemme put here~

::EA Summer Tea Party:: by ChiakiAutumn ::PC-Sushi:: by ChiakiAutumn ::GW--Veryd:: by ChiakiAutumnPL--NPC::--Narl by ChiakiAutumnAdrienpng by ChiakiAutumn

+ my otpp~hnghhh~~

::MonChi--merry X'mas:: by ChiakiAutumn  ::our love is not just love :: by ChiakiAutumn  AdriLuce by ChiakiAutumn

+ dudebro~Cici and Adrien
+ Alexey and Adrien--with strawberry pie~//hit
+trio bishie ~AdrienAlexeyKreis
+amg--so many --//bricked

other things

+ I wanna go to CF this year~~
+ I wanna meet :iconlemoncaramel: so bad---//clingsyouhubbu
+ new lappy + new tabby
+ psvita/ps3~
+improve my drawing more

2) tagged by :iconnoa257:
10 things about me:

1.   left-handed
2.  I dun eat fish or any seafood--I dunno why but I just dun eat them--;; but my fav food is laksa and keropok lekor (malaysian food) which is made from fish //hit//
3.  I love to play games--rpg games is my fav
4.  always do thing last minute--lots of procrastinations~//craiss
5.  I'm a bit talkative online but reaallllyyy quiet person in rl
6.  loveee cat so muchh
7.  I dunno what to write anymore~
8.  always wandering what should I do
9.  I can't live without internet--
10. Worried about my future but always choose not to think about it--

Question for meh~
1. What do you like about yourself? Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 

--hnnn....idk~I never like myself~:iconpapmingplz:

2. If you could go to a country for a holiday, where would you go?
--JAPAN--and korea next and after that China and after that---//hit

3. What's your favourite colour?
--pink :iconfabulousplz:

4. According to the Lunar calendar, what's your zodiac? 
--Dragon bby~~ehuee~

5. This may sound weird, but what's your blood type? 
--.....AB maybe? or B? ....welp im not sure...:iconminghideplz:

6. If you could have a super power, what will it be?
--fly? so I can go wherever I want? :iconjunesplz:

7. What's your favourite flower? 
--sunflower~or chrysanthemum~

8. What's your favourite seiyuu (voice actor)?

9. What's your favourite ice-cream flavor? 
--lime flavor~ahaha~~

10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be?
--....journalist maybe~

pheww~~that's all....ahaha~~I guess im not gonna tag anyone..uhuu~~


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