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your tension is our pleasure
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(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

...I don't know how to be active in here...somehow I just lost my way..I kinda feel hopeless right now though I keep thinking positive things---

--I'll go on hiatus--semi hiatus maybe...I'm sorry for all my commissioner--hnghhh I will try to get all my soul and mood back to draw again...uhuuu...I'm really really sorry.....

::Commission:: ChiakiAutumn by ZatytheAwesome
icon by: ZatytheAwesome




Chiaki | Afie
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Fill my heart [anim.] by socksyyMonChiFill my heart [anim.] by socksyy
my dear husbando and I
MonChi icon by my husbando :LemonCaramel


"thousand of cheers that will not last long in the eyes of people but will last forever in everyone hearts~ Every season will eventually come by, and the old pain memory will always be replaced by a new happy memory----''

*will edit more---UNDER CONSTRUCTION--- :iconlazepoolplz:


::Monchi Anniversary :: by ChiakiAutumn
::Monchi Anniversary ::
Happy Anniversary husbu~~:iconlemoncaramel: ///3///
love you always n forever~:iconjapanposeplz:~ehee look I got taller this year~//hit

Monchi (c) :iconlemoncaramel::iconchiakiautumn:
welp...dA change again---idek what I should do here---_((

x'mas wishlist+wishlist and others

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:57 AM
huee~~3 people tagged me so I'm gonna put it all in one journal post here~:iconminghideplz:--anyways this for tagging


1st --tagged by :iconys-ladydrac21: and :iconalvi-chi: 

my x'mas wishlist + drawing wishlist~:iconheplz:--I got so many actually but I'll put some of them here~~tho I dun celebrate x'mas...:iconmingplz:


+ of course I wanna see my ocs babies to br drawn by other artists~~ahaha~:iconpapmingplz: I wanna se my oc with different style~~ehehe~~

welp so many ocs I have but---yeah--lemme put here~

::EA Summer Tea Party:: by ChiakiAutumn ::PC-Sushi:: by ChiakiAutumn ::GW--Veryd:: by ChiakiAutumnPL--NPC::--Narl by ChiakiAutumnAdrienpng by ChiakiAutumn

+ my otpp~hnghhh~~

::MonChi--merry X'mas:: by ChiakiAutumn  ::our love is not just love :: by ChiakiAutumn  AdriLuce by ChiakiAutumn

+ dudebro~Cici and Adrien
+ Alexey and Adrien--with strawberry pie~//hit
+trio bishie ~AdrienAlexeyKreis
+amg--so many --//bricked

other things

+ I wanna go to CF this year~~
+ I wanna meet :iconlemoncaramel: so bad---//clingsyouhubbu
+ new lappy + new tabby
+ psvita/ps3~
+improve my drawing more

2) tagged by :iconnoa257:
10 things about me:

1.   left-handed
2.  I dun eat fish or any seafood--I dunno why but I just dun eat them--;; but my fav food is laksa and keropok lekor (malaysian food) which is made from fish //hit//
3.  I love to play games--rpg games is my fav
4.  always do thing last minute--lots of procrastinations~//craiss
5.  I'm a bit talkative online but reaallllyyy quiet person in rl
6.  loveee cat so muchh
7.  I dunno what to write anymore~
8.  always wandering what should I do
9.  I can't live without internet--
10. Worried about my future but always choose not to think about it--

Question for meh~
1. What do you like about yourself? Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 

--hnnn....idk~I never like myself~:iconpapmingplz:

2. If you could go to a country for a holiday, where would you go?
--JAPAN--and korea next and after that China and after that---//hit

3. What's your favourite colour?
--pink :iconfabulousplz:

4. According to the Lunar calendar, what's your zodiac? 
--Dragon bby~~ehuee~

5. This may sound weird, but what's your blood type? 
--.....AB maybe? or B? ....welp im not sure...:iconminghideplz:

6. If you could have a super power, what will it be?
--fly? so I can go wherever I want? :iconjunesplz:

7. What's your favourite flower? 
--sunflower~or chrysanthemum~

8. What's your favourite seiyuu (voice actor)?

9. What's your favourite ice-cream flavor? 
--lime flavor~ahaha~~

10. If you could choose any profession, what would it be?
--....journalist maybe~

pheww~~that's all....ahaha~~I guess im not gonna tag anyone..uhuu~~

::our love is not just love :: by ChiakiAutumn
::our love is not just love ::
"--cuz we want to look badass as well--"

need to draw more MattxNarl~~///A/// --pftt sorry for the title~:iconminghideplz:

Narl (c) ChiakiAutumn
Matt (c) yukinayee
::persona+GB crossover /cosplay:: by ChiakiAutumn
::persona+GB crossover /cosplay::
GB me and Chro cosplaying as persona 3 and 4 protagonists~ahaahh~

ahaha how many gb ver I have--//slapped


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